January 2021

CBNW Xray integration article

CBNW - X-ray integration




Compact DR systems

In recent years portable X-ray systems have become more compact, sophisticated and rugged. Along with a significant decrease in cost and the growing need for full ROV (remotely operated vehicle) integration without degraded capabilities, they are now the preferred choice for operators.

Designed for durable field operation, the main aspect of such a system is an amorphous silicon (a-Si) flat panel which allows fast high-quality inspection, including organic/inorganic detection.

The panel is available in several dimensions – designed for outdoor operation with low weight. It is a mere 15-17 mm in thickness, it is IP67 rated, and has been drop-tested from 1 m – and can endure a weight of up to 300 kg.

It can be packed with all the requisite accessories in a portable rugged case (up to 25-30 kg) or a light tactical backpack. Usually paired with a lightweight X-ray source...

March 2020

Prison security requirements are increasing as technology and prisoner’s sophistication evolve.

The Robot with X-ray eyes




In this article, we will look at how they can be integrated into a single system without hindering each systems capability. To accomplish this type of integration we must first look at the capabilities of each system and how they can be integrated without degrading or limiting either tool in its ability to perform its normal mission.


To begin the integration process, you have to understand each system’s mission when deployed by bomb technicians. This level of understanding will ensure that when each system is integrated, none of the original functions or capabilities are negated.


The problem with most integration packages is, these fundamental requirements are not addressed. This leaves the operators with a tool that has degraded capabilities. Therefore, let us look at each tool and develop a list of mission capabilities that must remain available to the end user...

March 2020

Prison security requirements are increasing as technology and prisoner’s sophistication evolve.

VCsecurity appoints new Sales Partner analyticon


VCsecurity, a Division of VisiConsult, has appointed analyticon instruments gmbh, a German sales company for handheld instruments for the identification of unknown chemical hazards or metal alloys, as their new sales partner, effective 1st march 2020. Based in Rosbach v. d. Höhe, Germany, analyticon will expand its portfolio by incorporating portable detection solutions by VCsecurity.


Liron Naor, Sales Head of VCsecurity, comments, “We are extremely excited to announce this new partnership with analyticon for Germany and Austria. VCsecurity is dedicated to delivering field-oriented solutions, no matter if IED, border control, homeland securities or other security relevant applications.”
analyticon focuses on innovative and new technologies to be used directly on site created by a comprehensive expertise. Anette Fey, Managing Director at analyticon, explains, “We pay particular attention to degree of innovation, marketability, quality and usability. VCsecurity brings all of that.”


analyticon and VCsecurity already attended together the GPEC event and are confident about their partnership. If you are a German or Austrian person who has interest and need more information, contact Anette Fey by mail


September 2019   

Prison security requirements are increasing as technology and prisoner’s sophistication evolve.

Increasing prison security using
portable X-ray systems


Prison security requirements are increasing as technology and prisoner’s sophistication evolve.

A prison in Columbia needed a solution to inspect the outside of the entrance, where dozens of new prisoners arrive with large bags containing their private stuff: food, sheets, mattresses and electric devices, which will not fit in the standard luggage scanners.

Another request from a prison in Guatemala was to scan the cell walls to make sure no money, weapon or mobile phones are hidden inside.

The solution for both missions and others is a portable X-ray system that can be deployed everywhere in minutes and is able to scan objects in different dimensions, shapes and density.

Using lightweight yet strong battery-operated portable X-ray sources allow to penetrate even thick walls, and a sophisticated software installed on a laptop allows to enhance and save the images so they can be used as evidence if needed. In order to make the process faster, it is possible to combine up to 9 flexible imaging plates, each in size of 36×43 cm and scan them all together in a very high resolution to cover large areas.

The system is designed to work in every weather condition or terrain and all parts are packed in a rugged and portable case. It is safe and only requires to keep several meters distance during operation. VCsecurity can offer several solutions to fit every client needs and budget.

October 2019   

Meet the new division VCsecurity by VisiConsult at the SCTX in London


To continue the success in X-ray security solutions, VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH appointed two new experts from the field and will launch new security products in 2019.

Liron Naor has joined the company as the Security Division Manager. He has a vast experience in the portable X-ray market which he will use for expanding the company global efforts and brand awareness. The second addition to the team is John Howell, who was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician with 30 plus years in Counter IED work. He is in charge on the North and South America markets. Liron Naor and John Howell join Malte Laezer who has real world IED experience in Afghanistan conducting counter IED operations. He is in charge on the European market along with responsibility for the exclusive collaboration with Telerob.

Along with the restructure of VisiConsults security division, it is also planned to launch an entirely new system with a more advanced technology and new detectors which are specifically designed for dealing with harsh field work and complex X-ray interpretation scenarios. Lennart Schulenburg, Director of Sales & Marketing, says “By relevant innovations and passionate experts we want to offer our security customers an outstanding support”.

The updated systems will provide the end user with a user-friendly interface that allows rapid image and highest quality. The goal is to provide a better tool to the end users that makes their mission on the ground a more efficient and safer process.

You can meet the new VCsecurity team at the Security & Counter Terror Expo in London, that will take place from Tuesday, 05. March to Wednesday, 06. March 2019. Take a chance to get first information about their new project and to bring in your own ideas at booth F6. On Tuesday, 05 March between 15.00-15.30 they will also do an interactive demonstration in the Defense and Security Demo Zone. At their booth you can see Robot Obstacle with X-ray system on the same day between 12.00-12.30. John Howell can show the benefits of material discrimination with X-ray systems as and when required

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